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What is CBD Isolate?

Our Hemp plants come from heirloom seeds that have been grown on Earth for millions of years and are non-GMO.

Plants in the genus "Cannabis" (Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica) have over 750 individual nutrients in them. THC is one - CBD is another.

Cannabis Indica is the hybrid version (created thousands of years ago as an anesthetic and hallucinogenic - high in THC). The version that humans have used for well over 10,000 years is the Cannabis Sativa strain.

For true effectiveness in health use, CBD products MUST be "full spectrum" (having ALL their other 750+ nutrients included). CBD products that aren't full spectrum are called "degraded".

Many CBD products are made from imported CBD called "isolate". CBD isolate is an extracted product from the Hemp plants that are grown in China, Germany, Sweden, etc. They are grown using pesticides and various fertilizers (including human waste), then shipped to various locations in the World, including the U.S.

CBD ISOLATE comes in a crystal form (looks kinda like sugar) and costs the importer around 1/2 cent per mg. Being water soluble, it is added to everything from bottle water to topical pain creme to vape (smoking) products to cheap tinctures.

Most products using CBD ISOLATE do not even conform to the Federal Fair Packaging and Labeling Act, so you have no idea what you're taking.

They will use certain words to describe these degraded products:
"WATER SOLUBLE" (Full spectrum CBD is an oil & does not mix with water)

These products offer low-level, limited and short-term health benefits. They will work for some people, but the effects will disappear within two to four weeks of using it.

Here is the medical report that explains
CBD isolate & it's limitations

In the states that have legalized recreational marijuana, the venders are selling a less-than-truthful CBD product. They take 4 to 6 essential oils, mix them up, add 25 to 200 mg of CBD Isolate, and call it "CBD Oil". Many times they don't even use the isolate and just use an extract from the marijuana plant (not the Mother Hemp plant), which is both high in THC and illegal in bordering states. Many people have been confirming the fact that CBD oils based on the marijuana plant are causing nausea, headaches, disassociation with reality, effects their vision, and simply acts as an an anesthetic and puts them to sleep. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU BUY!



In our further testing on CBD products (specifically CBD Isolate) we have discovered a negative, and possibly dangerous, phenomenon that occurs ONLY in products using CBD Isolate. No matter how it's mixed, or in what carrier oil, CBD Isolate will "destabilize" (separate) from the carrier - be it water, oil or solid - and oxidize into a possibly toxic substance. Time (after manufacture), light, heat and oxygen contact increase this effect.

This form of oxidation can become toxic.
Here is a FORBES article explaining this danger.

This danger is in ALL CBD Isolate products: CBD water, tinctures, vape mixtures, gummies, dog treats - ANYTHING it is mixed with. ONLY use full spectrum CBD products.


For optimum effectiveness, CBD products MUST use all the plant nutrients of the HEMP plant (there are over 750 phyto-chemicals in the hemp plant). These other nutrients work in a "synergistic" manner with the CBD.

This is called a "full spectrum extract", meaning ALL the plants' original nutrients are intact and in the mixture. THC will be there (along with all the other 749+ nutrients), but in such a low level that a pee-test won't pick it up.

Some U.S. sellers fraudulently claim "organic", yet the EU, China and even the U.S. offer NO ORGANIC CERTIFICATION for CBD products.

Anyone with the money can have a "private label" product and start selling it to the needful public. Unfortunately, too many unscrupulous sellers have popped up all over the U.S.

Many of these low quality CBD ISOLATE products are promoted by their sellers in a Barnum & Bailey huckster manner, claiming both outrageous results and prices. Even multi level marketing scams are popping up.

One seller near us actually charges over $100 for a 1/3 ounce bottle of a cheap vape mixture! He is the most expensive in the US (so far) and is considered the biggest scammer in all North Idaho..

It pays to learn all you can about ANY product you want to buy.

SEEDS OF LIFE CBD oils and capsules are FULL SPECTRUM products, using the complete nutritional makeup of our special Industrial Hemp plants.

Our CBD and all nutrients are extracted using a CO2 extraction system, which allows all of the nutrients to remain intact.

If you want more info, PLEASE read our links below or you can call and talk to us.

We are here to help.

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CBD: The History, The Reality and Barnum & Baily
Article by CEO Kurt Wilson


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"These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any diseases."

The above is a Government ORDERED statement.
It is NOT based in either reality or sanity.
Just like our Government.

In a landmark decision on Friday, Jan. 15, 1999, the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled that
the health claim rules imposed by the FDA unconstitutional and in violation of the Administrative Procedure Act.
The court instructed the FDA to allow the use of disclaimers on labels rather than to suppress these claims outright.
The court further held prohibiting nutrient disease relationship claims invalid under the first Amendment to the Constitution.

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